Back at our start in the early 80's we had one resin and one hardener. Epoxy technology at the time was lacking in safe systems. Even the workability was marginal especially in hand lay up and coatings.  At this time we were formulating only for ourselves and our needs and we did run across a new technology, cycolaliphatic curing agents, which fit many of these needs. These needs were:

  • Worker Safety  

  • Ease of Use

  • Easy Mix Ratios 

  • Low Incidence of Dermatitis  

  • Low Vapor 

  • Excellent Color Stability 


With these basic needs filled we were able to build upon that basic first formula which was 2000 resin and 2100S. Then through the years we discovered more and more formulation aspects through our own composite manufacturing business. We felt would be important for others so Resin Research was born. Later we were able to introduce different hardener speeds, formulas of differing modules that allow manufacturers better use of fabric choices, low viscosity infusion resins to take advantage of newer manufacturing processes, prepregs that in many ways out perform traditional latent cure products along with unique additive that stretch the boundaries of these materials. And with all these formulations each has had to meet the above list of necessary criteria.

Below are the products that our many years of research have produced.

  • Low Blush  

  • Reasonable Pot Life and Set Times

  • Gardener 1 Color 

  • Excellent Clarity 

  • High Gloss


This base resin system was originally developed for lightweight hand lay up composite systems. It has found it's way into a myriad of products and is the baseline product for most of our customers.

Brightened Resins.JPG

Bio based systems have become more popular in recent years as climate change becomes an obvious concern for some companies. This product reduces carbon footprint by using plant matter for 31% of makeup. 


This low viscosity system finds a long list of practical applications including infusion, RTM, RTM lite, casting, electronic encapsulation, concrete primers, filament winding and many fabric intensive projects such as architectural and marine construction. 


This is a basic general purpose resin used in industry where cosmetics and structural demands are less important and costs have to be more tightly controlled. This is sold only to industrial interests.


The fastest setting hand lay up epoxy yet. This system has only one speed, FAST.  It has also found it's way into fill coating as it's unique cure characteristics gives it significant advantages over other systems even on vertical surfaces.

Brightened Resins.JPG

This product was developed for cosmetic layups requiring a super bright white look. This was achieved with the use of optical brightener technology and finds use in the water sports industry where it has become the go to product there.


One resin and a choice of two hardeners, this system was originally designed for making inhouse prepregs for simple fabrication of small parts. It has since found use in many other applications where very long pot life is advantageous. 


Our epoxy systems are broad in application but to increase their usefulness we offer a unique range of additives and modifiers.

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