Around 2012 we began working on another interesting project, Prepreg.  We found chemistry that had extremely long pot life and still allowed the kinds of quality aspects we demand from all our products. After lots of trail and error we now have a high quality system which keeps frozen for one month in a standard freezer or six months in at -40C. It is also versatile enough to also be used for long pot life applications (filament winding, large-scale infusion, large hand lay up projects, large flooring projects, etc) and cures with only moderate heat (above 100F). One resin and two hardeners are available for differing applications and processing. Elevated cure temperature allows control of cycle times.


• Very low color and good color stability • Good chemical resistance
• High gloss
• Good resistance to amine blush

• Low viscosity
• Excellent production tool


• Fast Parts Manufacture

• Vacuum processing
• Automobile parts
• Sports equipment

PP Resin - A medium viscosity epoxy.  Viscosity control- conditioning of a high solids Prepreg resin generally requires bringing the resin temperature to around 80-100F to reduce viscosity and to ensure proper resin/hardener mixture.  Obtaining proper viscosity through heat control allows the manufacturer control of this important aspect. Choice of hardener speed at designated working temperature allows this. 

PP-X Hardener - 3.5 hour pot life at 77F (25C). Ideal for small parts processing at relatively low cure temperatures of 100 - 150F (35-60C).

PP-U Hardener - 8 hour pot life at 77F (25C). Ideal for larger parts processing at higher cure temperatures of 150 - 220F (60-100C)