This General Purpose (GP) epoxy system is a low color, low viscosity modified cycloaliphatic amine cured system intended for ambient or low temperature curing. GP gives high modulus, high gloss films that are also resistant to a variety of chemicals. It’s high modulus characteristics makes it very useful in composite structures. These properties make it ideal for use in sports equipment, floorings, maintenance coatings, tank linings, secondary containment linings and composites. Two hardener speeds adds to versatility. Mixing these two gives a myriad of custom curing options. This product is only available in drum quantities.



• Very low color
• Medium viscosity
• High gloss
• Good resistance to amine blush

• Easy to use - 3 to 1 mix ratio

• Price point


• High-solids coatings
• Composites
• Chemically resistant tank linings

• Sports equipment

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